Services Agreement

At 360 Protection, we offer a comprehensive service program that ensures your security system operates at an optimal level. With our program, you can trust in the expertise of our in-house technicians who will promptly service your system, minimizing downtime, reducing risk, and preventing unexpected repair costs.


Our program is all about convenience. It includes unlimited on-site service visits, round-the-clock phone and email support, bi-annual preventative maintenance checks, no-charge repair or replacement of installed equipment, loaner equipment during repairs, ongoing training, and discounted product and system upgrades. Our clients have experienced a significant return on their initial investment, with 90% of them joining our program due to its benefits.


With 360 Protection, you can elevate your commercial security initiative to the next level. Our program is meticulously designed to provide not just comprehensive protection, but also a profound sense of peace of mind for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our program and pricing.


  1. Receive unlimited on-site service visits by our experienced technicians.
  2. Access round-the-clock phone and email support from our team of professionals.
  3. Benefit from bi-annual preventative maintenance checks to ensure your system’s health.
  4. Enjoy complimentary repair or replacement of 360 Protection Technologies-installed equipment at no charge.
  5. Receive loaner equipment during the repair process to minimize disruptions.
  6. Engage in ongoing training sessions to maximize the value derived from your system.
  7. Avail discounted rates on product and system upgrades to enhance performance and features.